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Ordering at Jodhpur Tailors is very easy our customisation panel is in itself self explainatory.The page gives you near accurate visualization that how the garment will look with different sort of customisations applied by the user.

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We have a guaranteed fit policy and our tailors double check all the measurements
provided before commencing work on any tailored suit or garment.

Our Speciality
Our Speciality

Since its inception in 1956, Jodhpur Tailors is synonymous with perfect fit and quality. Our craft has been appreciated by erstwhile royals and satisfied customers from different corners of the world. Our experience in bespoke tailoring ranges from traditional wear to modern variants. The blend of traditional practices of cutting coupled with fine tailoring makes us stand apart in our offerings.

Bespoke Tailored Suits
Bespoke Tailored Suits

A man's suit defines his personality! So, why not to have one Bespoke tailored suits exclusively for yourself. Why to go for a suit that has been designed for masses when you can have bespoke tailored suits without the need to visit stores?
Dear Men, it is time for you to be delighted because now you can have your own bespoke men’s tailored suits online. We provide you the liberty and the luxury of building the Best Tailored suits for Men online for you – Exactly the type of tailored suits you want!

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We are based in Jaipur, India and ship both locally and internationally.

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