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We have a guaranteed fit policy and our tailors double check all the measurements
provided before commencing work on any tailored suit or garment.

Indian Jodhpuri Suits for Mens

When it comes to what to wear in Indian Royal Wedding? Jodhpuri Bandhgala Suits have always been and will always be the ultimate answer. However, only wearing a Jodhpuri Bandhgala Suits does not state & highlight the wearer's dressing sense until it is a well fitted.
Design your custom made Jodhpuri bandhgala online to make a head-turning entry for every occasion. Whether it's your marriage and finding wedding jodhpuri suits for groom or you are going in someone marriage, mark your presence with wedding jodhpuri suits for mens.
Now, you don't need to give your time in finding the stores of indian jodhpuri suits for mens, give measurements and at last wait for the result of what type jodhpuri mens suits you will get. You need to simply login, design your wear and get remarkable one at your door.

Wedding Jodhpuri Suits

Get the freedom of customization for indian jodhpuri suits for mens . Our website will give the real time result for your customization. Also, it allows you not only for customize your Suit but for Breeches and Bushcoat as well.
Not sure about the latest design which are in trend? No worries, simply send us your specifications and requirements. We will figure what would be the best for you to match your fashion taste. At JodhpurTailos, we ensure the perfectly fitted wedding jodhpuri suits along with the fabric quality assurance so that you will complete satisfaction.

Need Help In Customization

Now customize your garment at your fingertips through our Online Customization store. This gives you feel of shopping through any brick & mortar store. While customizing the Open Collar Suit , we are happy to help you in times of confusion. Our following tips may help you to sail through the pool of confusion:
  • Selecting Fabric: You need to keep in mind the at what time & season you are planning to wear this suit. For day wear, you can opt for light colours and for the evening & occasions, you can choose dark colours. Depending upon the season you can pick up Linen for summers, wool for winters & blended round the season.
  • Choosing between single & double breasted as per your choice.
  • Selecting Lapel: For office wears, notched is preferred. For the occasions you can choose Shawl lapel.
  • Pockets: Open collar suits generally come with Flap Pockets. For casual look, you can choose patch pockets. Patch pockets are not oriented in the slanted manner.
  • Sleeve Buttons: You can choose no. of sleeve buttons as per your choice and opt for Functional, Impression Or None.

Measurement Guide

  • Measurement Guide for Western Suits & Jodhpuri Bandhgala
  • Do not measure your waist size upon your belly instead start measuring from below your belly. In case you want to tie your trousers on the belly then use suspenders.
  • Measurement Guide for Jodhpuri Jackets:
  • Fill your Jodhpuri sleeveless Jacket is slightly smaller in length from coats. So, measure from your neck stem to your thumbnail & we will adjust the length accordingly.
  • Measurement Guide for Breeches:
  • Breeches is worn high waist and looks good when tied high waist. Please keep in mind while giving measurements.
Click here for view other measurement information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who we are?
  • Jodhpur Tailors was established by late Shri Sankarlalji Chouhan in 1956. He himself was dress designer for Royal families & Gharana's of Rajputana. Jodhpur tailors is pioneer in Jodhpuri suits ( Band Gala),Sherwani, Breeches for about last one centuary. Late Shri PushRamji Chouhan was the personnel dress designer of Maharaja Umed Singhji, Highness Marwar. Jodhpuri suit appreciated at International level and become National dress. All the dresses related work of Marwar Army.
  • What We Do?
  • Currently Jodhpur Tailors is dress designer of Maharaja Bhawani Singh of Jaipur, Ex. Vice President of India Bhairo Singh Shekawat, various ministers of State Government, MLA's MP's and Royal Rajput Families. Jodhpur Tailor is also associate with Oberai group of Hotels for dress designing work. Various Tourists from all over the world love to visit Jodhpur Tailors for cheaper and quality work.
  • What should be done in case of alteration?
  • No worries, just send the billing information of the alterations done by your local tailor. And we will reimburse for that.
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