Terms & Conditions

Following conditions shall be applicable when you are visiting or shopping with Jodhpur Tailors.com. In addition, if you are in a state of using any current or future JodhpurTailors.com service or visiting or purchasing from JodhpurTailors.com, you are subjected to the guidelines and conditions applicable to such service or business.

Conditions for Garments

1. We offer no refunds in any case, as we sell custom-made products. Also, as we cannot reuse or resell that particular product (the item having been specifically made for the individual according to their custom design), there is no resale value, and thus we do not accept returns.

2. In case of fit issues and necessary alterations, Jodhpur Tailors cannot be held responsible. Jodhpur Tailors is an online ordering platform for custom-made clothing, and adjustments to the clothing may be necessary (trial and error) to find your best feeling fit.

3. The garment is tailor-made and there is a provision of 1.5 cm for length and sleeve length. This is the standard allowance in quality control for custom-made suits.

4. If the style chosen is produced wrong, Jodhpur Tailors will remake the suits without any charges (provided, the mistake/error in the style is proven by the customer).

5. The Product design image on our web interface is just for visualization. It is not possible to guarantee the exact color due to differences in screen monitors, brightness, contrast etc.

6. For large quantities of suit orders, there is a possibility of a slight difference of 0.5 to 1 inch in the measurements (Human Error). As this is tailor-made production, each suit order is cut and made individually unlike ready-made mass production done by machines.

7. The first time a customer orders any custom-made product there may be a chance that the fit is not 100% appropriate. The need for minor alterations of the product or size adjustment might be necessary. Incorrect measuring does not hold true for a production error.

8. In the case of a production or style error, the customer is required to take and upload a picture of him wearing the product displaying the error/mistake as a proof and email this information to info@jodhpurtailors.com.

9. For the bottom wears such as pants and breaches, the style of the bottom is viewpoint-based. The boot cut may differ as per the height of the person. If you would like to fine tune, you can easily consult your local alterations tailor.

10. For the sleeve length, we give a lot of fabric allowance, to make any potentially necessary sleeve adjustments possible. Please note that, for working button sleeves, adjustments are not possible, so we encourage and request our customers to precisely check all the measurements before entering them in the measurement form.


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